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The digital colour press for professionals

The Océ CPS900 Platinum is the most consistent digital color press in the world. It is based on Océ Direct Imaging and Color CopyPress technologies. It is easy to operate, very productive and provides offset quality on a wide variety of media.

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Consistent color printing that sets you apart

  • Océ Direct Imaging for color consistency and stable color output
  • Océ Color CopyPress for exceptional media capabilities
  • Seven colours
  • Constant speed for all media
  • No ozone emission

A digital color printer that needs no calibration

Océ Direct Imaging uses voltage and magnetism to achieve a degree of stability that removes the need for manual color calibration. With an Océ CPS900 Platinum digital color press you can be sure of outstanding, yet consistent color time after time.

Oce Premia ClassThe Océ CPS900 is an Océ Prémia Class product.
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Controllers for the Océ CPS900 Platinum

The Océ 970C and 1070C controllers provide you the performance and functionality you need for demanding applications:

  • Based on industry-standard EFI technology
  • Graphic Arts Premium Edition for professional color management
  • Impose for smart impositioning of your documents
  • Support for standard variable data printing formats and software applications

Introduction CPS technology

All Océ CPS systems use Océ Direct Imaging and Océ Color CopyPress technology. These technologies have been developed to deliver reliable, high quality output. They also benefit the environment. A short paper path reduces misfeeds and saves wasted materials allowing the Océ CPS to use less paper. The Océ CPS is the only system in the world that doesn't need frequent calibration, an energy and paper consuming activity. The Océ CPS has low noise and dust emissions and no ozone emissions. OPC drums and developer are not required and there is very little toner waste.

No ozone emissions

The World Health Organization estimates that one out of every three employees is working in a place that makes them sick. One of those illnesses is Sick Building Syndrome . Symptoms include eye, nose and throat irritation, mental fatigue, headaches and coughing. Research shows that ozone from printers and copiers is one of the causes of Sick Building Syndrome. This leads to a loss in productivity that represents billions of euros each year. The Océ CPS is the only digital color system without ozone emissions.

Less toner waste

Research indicates that Océ CPS systems produce a toner waste of approximately 75 grams per 10,000 clicks. This is extremely low. Production tests show that other systems produce up to six times more toner waste. These systems also have to deal with developer waste which can be up to another 50 grams per 10,000 clicks.

Less paper

With the Océ CPS you can print on a wide variety of media with automatic duplex to save paper. Because of the Color CopyPress technology, the CPS is able to print on all kinds of structured, recycled or plain papers. Many FSC certified papers can be used for the Océ CPS.

More future recycling

Océ CPS systems are designed for a long and productive working life. Research and development play an important role in this, with "design for reuse" one of the company's primary development criteria.

Océ Research seek out durable materials and design machines that can be re-used or recycled to yield components for new machines. For this purpose Océ has a complete Asset Recovery Factory near their headquarters in the Netherlands.


BERTL 4 star 'Highly recommended'

Océ has received a BERTL 4-star Highly Recommended award for the Océ CPS800 Platinum, CPS900 Platinum and the Océ CPT Color Production Tandem systems. The award follows extensive testing and technical evaluation of the Océ systems by the Digital Production Division of BERTL, the US-based publisher of news, research and analysis on digital imaging systems. The outcome proves that these systems have the productivity to keep up with much larger, costlier digital printers, even though these may have nominally higher print speeds. Color consistency of the Océ systems was also highlighted in BERTL's report, even across multiple Océ CPS systems and different job printing times and locations.

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The Océ CPS900 gains prestigious iF recognition

The Océ CPS900 color printing system has received a seal of design excellence by Industrie Forum (iF), one of the world's leading design institutions based in Hannover, Germany. Awarded at CeBIT 2004-the internationally renowned ICT exhibition-the Océ CPS900 was selected from of a group of over 1800 entries from 30 countries.